Laravel 扩展排行榜

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A DB Factory wrapper implementation for Eloquent models in the Laravel Framework.
A laravel package of ueditor,which is baidu's open source WYSIWYG editor
Internal Authorisation scopes for Laravel
Snappy PDF/Image for Laravel 5 with temp folder settings
VIVINIKO Agent Service Provider
The additional admin Auth Guard
Sitemap manage all routes
A Laravel package to manage your cron jobs through a beautiful dashboard.
Create smart multi-language website by laravel
Eloquent Base Model is eloquent ORM model for inheritance.
Themes system for laravel framework
Powerful RBAC package for Laravel 5.1
Paket ini sudah di modifikasi untuk keperluan Role-based Permissions pada Laravel
make activable database with lumen and laravel
A formatting library that converts data output between XML, CSV, JSON, TXT, YAML and a few others.
A library of support classes for creating Sportily sites with Laravel.
SQweb package for Laravel users
Nested Set pattern for Eloquent ORM in SlimPHP (by Baum)

Laravel 扩展
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