Flutter Weekly Issue 44


  1. Flutter on Surface Duo: Part 1

  2. Flutter实战手势番外篇之可拖拽悬浮组件


  1. fake_wechat


  2. fake_alipay


  3. tencent_kit


  4. fake_weibo


  5. okhttp_kit


  6. widget_extensions

    An Extension library for Flutter Widgets.

  7. context_extentions

    Various extensions on BuildContext to access inherited widget’s state

  8. dart_extensions

    extentions for dart

  9. LiveStream-Flutter

    Flutter package to which makes data communication easy among different modules of your application.

  10. form_bloc

    Easy Form State Management using BLoC pattern - Create Beautiful Forms in Flutter. The easiest way to Prefill, Async Validation, Update Form Fields, and Show Progress, Failures, Successes or Navigate by Reacting to the Form State.

  11. extended_nested_scroll_view

    extended nested scroll view to fix following issues. 1.pinned sliver header issue 2.inner scrollables in tabview sync issue 3.pull to refresh is not work. 4.do without ScrollController in NestedScrollView’s body

  12. flutter_k_chart


  13. flutter_webview_plugin

    Community WebView Plugin - Allows Flutter to communicate with a native WebView.

  14. Flutter-BlurHash

    BlurHash decoding implementation for Flutter.

  15. flutter_simple_dependency_injection

    A super simple dependency injection implementation for flutter that behaviours like any normal IOC container and does not rely on mirrors

  16. flutter_rx_stream_builder

    An rx stream builder for flutter that can populate the inital data of a stream builder from an rx value / replay observable

  17. flutter_gherkin

    A Gherkin parsers and runner for Dart and Flutter which is very similar to cucumber

  18. flutter_star

    You can create a star easily and decide how many angle or color of the star, even the fat and progress of the star.


  1. i18n example

    App showing how to efficiently use localization

  2. Flutter_Authentication

    A simple flutter application that demonstrates authentication with pin or OTP sent via sms and also Fingerprint.


  1. FlutterResourceRanker

    Find underused colors, overused magical numbers and the largest classes in any Flutter project.

  2. commander.dart

    🔧The complete solution for Dart command-line interfaces, inspired by <commander.js>

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