SQL 转 ElasticSearch DSL




  • sql and expression
  • sql or expression
  • equal(=) support
  • not equal(!=) support
  • gt(>) support
  • gte(>=) support
  • lt(<) support
  • lte(<=) support
  • sql in (eg. id in (1,2,3) ) expression
  • sql not in (eg. id not in (1,2,3) ) expression
  • paren bool support (eg. where (a=1 or b=1) and (c=1 or d=1))
  • sql like expression (currently use match phrase, perhaps will change to wildcard in the future)
  • sql order by support
  • sql limit support
  • sql not like expression
  • field missing check
  • support aggregation like count(*), count(field), min(field), max(field), avg(field)
  • support aggregation like stats(field), extended_stats(field), percentiles(field) which are not standard sql function
  • null check expression(is null/is not null)
  • join expression
  • having support
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