Laravel 开源排行榜

Rinvex Taggable is a polymorphic Laravel package, for tag management. You can tag any eloquent model with ease, and utilize the awesomeness of Sluggable, and Translatable models out of the box.
Command to convert a string to a Laravel hashed password to use directly on the database.
SetranMedia Autoblog Framework Support Libraries
A trait to serialize and unserialize deleted models in queued Laravel events.
Barcode generator like Qr Code , PDF417,C39, C39+,C39E,C39E+,C93,S25,S25+,I25,I25+,C128,C128A,C128B,C128C,2-Digits UPC-Based Extention,5-Digits UPC-Based Extention,EAN 8,EAN 13,UPC-A,UPC-E,MSI (Variation of Plessey code)
A DB Factory wrapper implementation for Eloquent models in the Laravel Framework.
A laravel package of ueditor,which is baidu's open source WYSIWYG editor
Internal Authorisation scopes for Laravel
Snappy PDF/Image for Laravel 5 with temp folder settings
VIVINIKO Agent Service Provider
The additional admin Auth Guard
Sitemap manage all routes
A Laravel package to manage your cron jobs through a beautiful dashboard.
Create smart multi-language website by laravel
Eloquent Base Model is eloquent ORM model for inheritance.
Themes system for laravel framework
Powerful RBAC package for Laravel 5.1
Laravel 扩展